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Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. - Medical Director of Trifecta Health

Trifecta Health Medical Center is dedicated to helping individuals achieve relief from their ADD/ ADHD symptoms. Whether one has a stressful job or is simply seeking relief from not being able to focus, there are treatment options available and Trifecta Health in New York City can offer the relief quickly and safely. Now offering Online ADHD appointments (Telemedicine)  Call Today at (212) 302-1848

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Adult ADD/ ADHD is extremely prevalent in our society, an estimated 4.7% of adults suffer with the disorder in the United States; that about 9 million adults. Of that amount, 15% have been diagnosed and treated, and only 1 in 4 adults were diagnosed in childhood. Although ADD/ ADHD NYC is more commonly seen/treated in children, it has been recognized that ADHD can continue into adulthood.

Many adults suffer from ADD/ ADHD and may be unaware. Symptoms of ADD/ADHD are stressful and can make certain tasks undoubtedly more challenging. Common signs and symptoms include; poor concentration, short attention span, lack of organization, forgetfulness, difficulty starting/finishing projects, time-management issues, impulsivity (spending, planning, etc.), difficulty developing and interacting with others (strained interpersonal relationships), and so on. Not all of these symptoms may affect those who suffer from Adult ADD/ ADHD, but these are common and even having some of these symptoms can make daily life harder.

Most adults will experience inattentive behavior, as well as impulsivity and hyperactivity. Although everyone can relate to the occasional forgetfulness that comes with losing ones’ keys, or getting distracted at work; Adult ADD/ ADHD NYC can cause these symptoms to appear more often and create a challenging environment.

Dr. Edward Fruitman specializes in the treatment of Adult ADD/ ADHD NYC and an initial consultation with him or one of his trained and professional associates can diagnose through an evaluation and start a treatment plan right away. The sooner one is evaluated, the sooner he/she can start alleviating these frustrating symptoms and start to live their life more comfortably and effectively.

Medication for ADD/ ADHD

Most ADD/ADHD symptoms improve quickly and safely with effective medicinal treatment, post-diagnosis. Patients can experience positive and immediate relief from medication; these stimulants are believed to enhance the availability of the brain’s chemical messengers Dopamine and Norepinephrine. These messengers play a key role in behaviors such as; attention and movement. Some of these medications are known as; Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Adderall XR, Vyvanse, Focalin, and so on. Certain types of medications are prescribed based on individual needs, health and family history, etc. An individual treatment plan is beneficial and can alleviate your symptoms of ADD/ ADHD NYC rapidly; allowing people to feel relief immediately and feel more in control of their lives, work or interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, TMS therapy is also offered at Trifecta Health Medical Center and is an FDA approved procedure for the treatment of Depression. However, it has also been seen to alleviate ADD/ ADHD symptoms, as the treatment is directed towards the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex, also known as the part of the brain that implicates these symptoms.

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