Why Alcohol is Never The Answer


These days we all live rather stressful lives, and whilst some people have this stress much more than others, many of us struggle to cope. While trying to find a way through it all, we turn to methods that help us relax, help us unwind, and in some cases, help us try and forget whatever it is that is stressing us out.

There are healthy ways to do this, such as exercise, finding a hobby, and talking to a close friend, and there are unhealthy ways, such as finding solace in recreational drugs or alcohol.

Neither of these avenues is healthy, and neither of these avenues is conducive to happiness, but for this particular chat, we will focus on alcohol primarily.

Did you know that alcohol is a depressant?

The situation usually goes a little like this – you’re feeling stressed out or upset about something, and you need to chill out, so you grab a friend and you go out for a few drinks to relax. The first one or two drinks really does the trick, but after that you start to notice subtle differences in the way you feel. Firstly, you might feel like you can take on the world, but you might then notice that your mood starts to decrease downwards. You have no control over the way you feel in the end, it totally depends on how you were feeling before you began drinking, and that intensifies after a few drinks. Of course, it might be that your mood lightens, and in that case, you slowly begin to think that you need alcohol to unwind.

A few drinks to chill out is not something to be concerned about every so often, but if you notice that you are needing it, rather than just fancying it, then you have an issue you need to address, perhaps before it spirals out of control.

Here at Trifecta Health we understand that alcohol addiction is not laughing matter, and we are committed to helping every single person who makes contact with any of our NYC offices, all under the watchful and very experienced eye of Dr Edward Fruitman.

We offer several treatment options for alcohol dependency, such as counseling and medication, combined together with a personalized treatment plan which is designed to be as individual as the person being treated.

The problem with alcohol in general is that it is so widely available these days, and once that slippery slope begins, climbing back up again can be difficult. Thankfully, that journey is not impossible, but it does take effort and it does take a lot of work. Our staff are highly experienced and approachable, and take every effort to ensure that patients feel comfortable and welcomed, as well as promoting a sense of positivity in the recovery process.

If you have been struggling with stress, perhaps leading to you seeking solace in alcohol, and you feel that you’re now beginning to struggle with a possible dependency, do not hesitate to contact us today – we are on hand to help you prevent an issue from further developing into something truly serious.

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