Why ADHD Can be a Cause of Relationship Problems


Why ADHD Can be a Cause of Relationship Problems


Why ADHD Can be a Cause of Relationship Problems




ADHD is one of the most undiagnosed problems around.

That means that a huge number of adults are walking around thinking that they’re simply very unorganized and unfocused, when the truth is, they have a condition which can be managed. The sad thing is that many of those people will never reach out for help and will therefore continue to struggle.

One area which is often hit by problems when someone has uncontrolled ADHD is relationships.

It can be very frustrating to be in a relationship with someone who is unorganized, always late, often forgetting things you’ve told them to do, perhaps having problems with money, and maybe even becoming agitated for a small reason. These are all symptoms of adult ADHD/ADD, but if you don’t know what you’re dealing with, it’s very easy to simply put it down to someone being difficult.

A person with adult ADHD/ADD is not just being difficult, they’re struggling with their condition.

The good news is that once someone is diagnosed with the condition, treatment can begin and management techniques can be put into place. This makes life far easier and also means that partners can understand what is happening and therefore ease relationships burdens.

Of course, it also means that the partner of someone suffering with ADD/ADHD needs to learn about the condition too, in order to understand it better. Here at Trifecta Health, we encourage individuals with ADHD/ADD to explore the condition and learn how to manage it together. Understanding and a little patience is certainly required at first, but as you fall into step you’ll start to understand more about the condition and find ways between you to bridge the gap when problems start to arise.


It’s Not Just a Childhood Problem


The biggest problem is the stigma that still exists around adult ADHD/ADD. Many people falsely believe that this is a condition which only affects children and that they somehow grow out of it when they hit adulthood. That’s simply not the case.


Adults can be affected by ADHD/ADD, but because of the stigma or the lack of knowledge about the condition extending into adulthood, many adults are walking around with the help and support they need. It’s also possible that a child may have had ADHD from their childhood years, which went by undetected and then continued into adulthood.


Regardless of the age of someone, ADHD/ADD is a very real issue which needs to be treated and managed in order to make life easier. Relationships can certainly suffer when neither partner understands what is going on. It’s very easy to assume that someone is just being difficult or awkward, and then the partner starts to resent that attitude, not sure why they’re feeling or acting the way they are. It all adds up to a doomed relationship, which could have been very different had both partners understood that the problems stemmed from something much deeper, and also manageable.


If you feel you might be struggling with ADHD/ADD, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a consultation with top NYC psychiatrist at Trifecta Health. More blog about ADHD and Relationship can be found here.

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