Depression and Botox



Depression is one of the most common health issues in the world. The incidence of Major Depression is already extremely high and it rising- among women 20-26% will be diagnosed with major depression at some point in their lives. For men- the number is lower- but it too is climbing and 10-12%.
Therapies for depression are varied and range from massage to medication therapy. In New York City people have an advantage because there are so many treatment options available as opposed to rural areas where there may only be one modality available.

Botox is a treatment that has been used for years as an anti-aging technique, eyelid spasms, urinary issues, back pain, then for migraines, and now it is showing promise as an treatment for depression.
A meta analysis of 5 papers that reviewed three studies, shows promise that Botox injections in the face can lead to improved mood. Clearly, this is not enough data for Botox to be approved as a treatment for depression, but it does indicate that there should be more research done.

In the interim, it does appear that NYC Botox injections in the face by qualified practitioners can lead to improved mood as well as a more youthful appearance. Frowning less not only helped our patients relax and socialize , but also preventing direct feedback the nerves. And when you smile, your brain is fooled into thinking that it is safe again and its needs are met.

At Trifecta Med Spa, in NYC, our practitioners are highly skilled and are able to achieve optimal results. Why not have improved mood as well as a rejuvenated appearance. NYC Botox doctors and clinicians with Trifecta Med Spa will find the best treatment produce ideal results. NYC is the home to the highest quality medical practitioners, Trifecta Med Spa- among them.

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