Avoiding The Darkest of Roads




The word ‘depression’ has become so common an ingrained in society that it almost seems normal to say it. The problem is, by trivializing this severe and upsetting condition, it does a total disservice to anyone who is struggling on a day to day basis, trying to steer clear of the darkness and battle back towards the light.


Depression is nothing to joke about, and nothing to normalize or trivialize. We need to be more open and honest about our mental health and kick out the stigma which has somehow remained attached to a condition which is startlingly common.


The problem is, by allowing the stigma to remain, by making people feel that they can’t speak about the way they’re feeling, we’re publicizing suffering.


The worst-case scenario?



Depression can make someone take their own life, simply because they can’t see another way out of the darkness.


Can you imagine feeling that low, that desperate, and that unbelievably lacking in hope that you can’t face another day breathing? That you can’t stand to live another second, even if it means waving goodbye to your loved ones?


That is what depression can do when left to fester, out of fear of speaking up and asking for help.


Asking For Help is a Battle Cry

From being young we’re told that we have to be strong, but what exactly does be strong entail?


Does it mean coping with anything life throws at you with a smile on your face? Does it mean battling behind closed doors and never letting anyone know you’re hurting?


No. Real strength is having the courage to admit that you’re struggling and to ask for help.


That’s true strength, that’s a battle cry that signals the start of a recovery that will shock the self-confidence and positivity back into your life.


Of course, it won’t happen overnight, and it won’t be easy, but that first step towards recovery is the strongest and most courageous thing you can do.


The stigma tells us that it’s not, it tells us that we have to cope with it all and keep it bottled up, but the stigma is lying. It’s like the devil sitting on your shoulder, forcing you down into the darkness, when the angel sitting on the other shoulder is desperately trying to shout louder, to get your attention.

Listen to the angel every single time.


Here at Trifecta Health we consider ourselves to be that angel on your other shoulder. Book an appointment with top NYC psychiatrist today. We don’t care for stigmas; they make no sense to us and deserve to be banished away with the rest of the humanity’s ridiculous ideas. Stigmas mean nothing, but being strong and forcing yourself out of the darkness means everything.


We have a range of treatment options available, and when one size doesn’t fit you, we have an alternative you can try. We will not run out of options and we will never discourage your strength.


You don’t have to walk that dark road alone, we’re right by your side with a very bright torch to light the way.

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