ADHD Is Not Just Childhood Disorder




On average, an adult with ADHD earns over $4000 less a year than their non ADHD peers. They can also struggle with co-worker relationships, holding a job (being late, absenteeism, and frequent mistakes often contribute to individuals with ADHD losing their jobs), or job hopping. However, often, after diagnosis and treatment, workers with ADHD excel in the workplace.


Unlike children with ADHD, adults are less likely to have the “hyperactivity” part. They are more likely to be fidgety, feel on edge, or have trouble relaxing. Adults often feel relieved after receiving a diagnosis- they have an issue- that can be managed, they are not simply lazy, sloppy, scatterbrained or any number of labels that they may have applied to themselves or been called by others.


Often, after a child is diagnosed with ADHD, a parent will recognize symptoms in themselves which triggers an evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. ADHD is not something that develops in adulthood, symptoms have always been there, sometimes just well-hidden or well coped with. Another reason people seek evaluation and treatment for ADHD as an adult is workplace issues. Adults with ADHD sometimes feel they are not working up to their potential and feel very frustrated with it. Frequently, adults are thrilled with the success of treatment and amazed and their improved function.


Many of our patients are from the financial sector which requires a great deal of accuracy, meaning untreated ADHD can be a large obstacle however, we are experienced experts in initiating effective therapies to see positive results quickly. Since this can be a fast paced work environment symptoms can be masked. However, NYC psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman is experienced at detailed evaluations to ensure accurate diagnosis.


Treatment for ADHD is multifaceted. At Trifecta Health Medical Center in New York City, we first provide an accurate diagnosis to the client. Edward Fruitman, MD is an adult psychiatrist who specializes in the diagnosis and management of ADD/ADHD disorder. Since there is no single test that can diagnosis it, having a physician who is an expert is imperative to treatment success. As our clients are busy professionals in the metropolitan hub of New York City, Trifecta Health Medical Center offers a wide selection of appointments to fit busy schedules.


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