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Trifecta Health Medical Center is a private psychiatric facility in New York (Midtown and Downtown Locations) that provides a wide range of services for our patients. We aim to provide high-quality and  expert psychopharmacological treatments, combined with the support and structure of  coaching, counseling and talk-therapy. Our goal is to make our patients feel supported and develop positive and beneficial mental cognition,  and to offer a safe and supportive environment for our patients to feel as though they have options and constructive encouragement.

All of our treatments are individually tailored for our patient’s needs, history and overall comfortability. Our more holistic approach to care allows the patient to feel in control of their own treatment; as well as his or her own options for dealing with the struggles they may be feeling long-term or even temporarily. Overall, we want each and every one of our patients to feel confident in the treatment they are receiving, and most importantly we want to achieve successful and beneficial outcomes to every individual to live a life of stability, serenity and a strong sense of well being.

Trifecta Health Medical Center is owned and practiced by board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D.. We offer a wide range of services and treatments including Adult ADD/ADHD treatments, TMS therapy for depression, Ketamine Therapy for depression, medical weight loss treatments (such as; HCG Diet or lipotropic shots), Botox/Juvederm cosmetic targeted treatments for alcohol and substance misuse, etc. Additionally, we offer Bupenorphine/Suboxone outpatient treatments for patients with opiate addiction. Vivitrol injections are also available upon injection by Dr. Edward Fruitman.

Trifecta Health Medical Center has two offices located in Manhattan. One is located in the financial district in Lower Manhattan, and the other is located in midtown (inside of the Cordette Pharmacy). Both offices offer the treatments mentioned earlier and have an excellent, experienced and trained staff all focused on the treatment of each individual patient with an abundance of support, consideration and the highest quality of care.

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